About New Directions

Our Approach

Good health is absolutely essential for every one of us. At New Directions, we believe that the physical, mental and emotional wellness of your colleagues contributes directly to your organization’s financial and business performance. Our members are individuals and families, just like you and yours.

Employers, health care providers and leading health care companies have partnered with us for more than two decades to help guide individuals toward balance in their careers and personal lives. We provide the compassionate care and innovative tools that enable members to overcome obstacles and challenges—so they can thrive and your business can flourish.

We are committed to serving our members, partners and providers with 24/7 support, reducing cost through active preventative solutions and delivering award-winning innovation through our unique clinical service infrastructure.

We offer a full range of behavioral health solutions. Our relationship with health plans enables us to integrate our services seamlessly with traditional medical support. Our managed behavioral health services include incisive analytics, the finest in quality assurance and customer service that goes beyond the extra mile in providing care.

We believe that together is the way forward. Through the power of partnerships, we can make a meaningful, lasting difference.

Learn more about the history, programs and services available to help members improve health through positive change by checking out the NDBH Welcome video.

Welcome to New Directions

The history, programs and services available to help members improve health through positive change.

Our Mission

Improving health through change.

Our Leadership Team

John Quick, Ph.D., President and CEO
John Quick, Ph.D
President and CEO

Dr. Quick has served as President and CEO of New Directions since its founding in 1994. He created a strategy and corporate culture that resulted in one of the best service levels in the managed behavioral health industry. During his two decades of leadership, New Directions has grown from serving 250,000 covered lives to now serving over 12 million. more >John provides executive leadership of the company’s managed behavioral health services and Employee Assistance Program, as well as its organizational consulting and health coaching services. Before founding New Directions, Dr. Quick worked as a psychologist and then administrator in a variety of settings: community mental health, private practice, psychiatric hospital and residential treatment, partial and day hospital programs, outpatient clinics and the public school system. His experiences as a practitioner and administrator imbued him with a deep understanding of behavioral health services, the importance of social support, the problem of stigma and the need for evidence-based approaches to behavioral health care. John is a three-time President of the National Behavioral Consortium and is currently the Chair of the Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness (ABHW) Board of Directors.

Peggy Decarlis, MSSA, LCSW-C
Senior Vice President Chief Operating and Innovation Officer

Ms. DeCarlis joined New Directions in 2010. She is responsible for clinical strategy, operations and innovations, oversees account management and the Employee Assistance Program. Additionally, Ms. DeCarlis directs the company’s cross-functional Clinical Product and Innovation Steering Committee. more >Her experience in clinical innovation, national operations, large project implementation, strategic planning, organizational change, accreditation initiatives and account retention shapes her unwavering focus on our clients’ business goals and members’ clinical outcomes. Ms. DeCarlis works closely with various advocacy, professional, regulatory and trade associations on behalf of New Directions. Her deep understanding of the dynamic changes within the health care market and the importance of medical/behavioral integration places her squarely on the front lines of industry advances.

Peggy Decarlis, MSSA, LCSW-C, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer
Griff Docking, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Griff Docking
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Docking joined New Directions in 2007. He is responsible for driving growth, sales, marketing, communications and product strategies to ensure the company’s long-term success. Under Griff’s leadership, revenue has increased 356 percent and membership has grown more than 1000 percent. His strategic focus and business expansion experience have been instrumental to the company’s continued growth. more >Mr. Docking serves on the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare Advisory Board and is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Marillac.

Aron Halfin, M.D.
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Halfin joined New Directions in 2016. He leads the clinical teams and provides oversight of the company’s medical and psychiatric services as well as quality management. Dr. Halfin drives New Directions’ member-centric mission, working to ensure that all clinical program development and its services improve the delivery of care for members. more > Prior to joining New Directions, Dr. Halfin served as vice president and national medical, clinical and operations director of Behavioral Health Services for Anthem Wellpoint. His 30 years of experience in health care also includes leadership positions at Centene Corporation and Magellan Health Services, as well as 11 years in private psychiatry practice. After earning his medical degree from the University of Costa Rica, School of Medicine, he completed his residency in Psychiatry from Columbia University College of Physician and Surgeons in New York, and his research fellowship in psychopharmacology from New York University.

Aron Halfin, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Lee Tuveson, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Lee Tuveson
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Mr. Tuveson joined New Directions in 2014. As Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, he oversees all financial matters, including strategic, operational and reporting finance functions. He is also responsible for the company’s Project Management Office, and its Enterprise Risk Management Program. Prior to joining New Directions, Mr. Tuveson was Vice President of Finance and Contracts for Magellan Health Services. more >During his 18 years with Magellan, he cultivated an in-depth understanding of the managed health care arena. Before working at Magellan, Mr. Tuveson worked in finance at McDonnell Douglas Corporation for eight years. In addition to his experience in the private sector, Mr. Tuveson served in the U.S. Army for six years as a tank commander. He holds a dual undergraduate degree in finance and economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.