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Care Management Services

What is behavioral health care management?

Behavioral health care management promotes wellness by helping members access appropriate treatment and community resources. Care management is a telephonic service and completely free to New Directions’ members. New Directions’ care managers assist members in developing and meeting goals focused on improving their health. To do so, they take the following “CALM” steps:
  • Coordinate health care services
  • Assess needs and establish measurable goals
  • Link providers, support systems and community resources to address gaps in care
  • Monitor progress toward goals and address barriers as needed

What is the behavioral health care manager's role?

Although behavioral health care managers do not provide counseling or mental health treatment services, they may do any or all of the following:
  • Work with the member to develop a self-management plan
  • Coordinate care with the member's providers
  • Prepare the member for interaction with providers to enhance treatment outcomes
  • Facilitate communication between behavioral health providers and medical providers
  • Identify and direct the member towards community resources
  • Resolve barriers whenever possible, including arranging for additional or special services
  • Manage treatment access and follow up with members with coexisting medical and behavioral disorders
  • Implement primary or secondary preventative behavioral healthcare program
  • Consult on special needs of members with severe and persistent mental illness

Accessing behavioral health care management

This free benefit is offered to insured BCBS members. To access care management services on behalf of a member, please call the number listed below for the team that supports members insured with the below BCBS plans:


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