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Authorizations In an effort to make the authorization process easier for our EAP providers, New Directions EAP offers an authorization prompt on its telephone system (800-624-5544, prompt 3). EAP providers can request an EAP authorization by leaving a brief voicemail message. Upon receipt of your message, New Directions will fax or mail you the authorization. In the voicemail, please provide the following information only:
  1. Provider full name
  2. Provider phone number
  3. Client’s name and file number
  4. Date, time, and location of appointment
If additional information is required, a New Directions Customer Service representative will contact the provider. Please remember that authorizations must be requested within 30 days of the initial session.

Questions? Please contact Customer Service at 800-624-5544 (toll free) or 816-237-2352 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST.
Referral Guidelines New Directions recommends the least intrusive intervention necessary for resolving a problem.

Treatments should:
  1. Be brief;
  2. Support and build on existing strengths;
  3. Foster independence;
  4. Encourage use of a variety of community resources such as AA and other self-help groups.
If the Client requires long-term therapy, or wants to continue counseling beyond the EAP benefit, you may self-refer the Client. However, it is very important the Client also be offered a referral to another Provider within the Client’s applicable insurance network. Should you choose to self-refer, please utilize the below form. You are responsible for finding appropriate, quality services for Clients in need of referrals beyond the EAP benefit. You are also responsible for assisting Clients with insurance benefit questions.

For outpatient referrals of Clients, you should consider the Client's clinical needs, geography, financial resources and personal preferences. It is your responsibility to refer Clients to resources covered by the Client’s and within the insurance’s Provider Network when available and appropriate. If you need assistance, please call New Directions Customer Service 800-624-5544.

For cases you plan to refer, please call the Provider to determine availability and willingness to accept the case. If there is no Network Provider available, choose a provider in the community following the guidelines above. Help determine whether the Client can afford the Provider or if the Provider will "slide" their scale.

Many companies offer several insurance plans and make changes frequently. It is strongly recommended that Providers confirm benefits directly. Also, encourage the Client to confirm eligibility and coverage with the insurance carrier again just before the first visit.
Forms Authorization For Use And Disclosure Of Health Information (Release of Information) Authorization For Use And Disclosure Of Health Information (Instructions) Consent Form upon Completion of EAP Sessions

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